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ACM Membership

Thanks to one of my coworkers I’m now a member of the Association for Computing Machinery.

Building Elixir cli app

I want to create something fairly simple and play with some of the Elixir concepts. I don’t have much experience with Elixir yet so I’ll try to keep things s...

Elixir playground

It’s a known fact that I’m very much into DevOps and system administration. I enjoy building systems but I also enjoy coding. I’m getting very excited about ...

Learning .NET?

I never thought I’ll do that. Going to .NET for any implementation felt like a betrayal to all that is sacred. Or in other words switching the domain to Micr...

How about fixing the CI?

Every good story has a beginning somewhere. I want to think that this very story started on a whiteboard just like this one.

DevOps Journal

I want to make such journal for awhile now. Something to pickup when in need of technical inspiration.