Today I Choose

Time to choose my path…

It’s been awhile since I had to think about a new job. I thought it will take a lot to move me from my current state of feeling blissfully at ease with my path and objectives. Few years ago I knew I had to break away from my routine and thinking just in terms of the OS, packages and the occasional scripts. The world was moving on and the Internet revolution was already deeply integrated in our daily life. Meanwhile the Cloud was forming and with the major players developing their portfolios we woke to a new world of possibilities. Infrastructure as code and automatic scaling was the new norm.

That’s when I decided to code. I quickly came to love Ruby and lately I’ve been thinking about where I would go next? Should I stick to software development and really challenge myself to become a better programmer or should I go back to the infrastructure world of operations. Or maybe something in-between.

The concept of DevOps is interesting for me because it could provide an answer to my existential question and where to go from here.

I want to code. At the same time I haven’t lost my passion for the OS and infrastructure architecture. Yet - I’ve been kind of staying at the same place at my current work. Even simple decisions takes too much time, effort is mostly spent on coordination and inefficient project management. I want to break away from such dull routines and I tried hard to push the statuesque and challenge myself to bind a better way.

That led me astray and the constant push from external recruiters finally got to me. I asked for more information, I gave in to the temptation of few interviews and today I have to choose as the song goes “should I stay or should I go?”.

# Ruby
"ProductCompanyX", # Great Salary
"ProductCompanyY", # Great Culture
"ProductCompanyZ", # Great Development
"MyCurrentCompany" # Nice counteroffer
shuffle.first { |c| p c }

Oh well - at least now I’m doing something about a problem that’s been developing for an year or so.