Move to Netlify

Time to say hi to my new site hosting -

I was using web hosting service up until now but I felt my shell scripting which does scp (because even rsync is even not supported by the hosting) is way out of date. Making this blog a docker container and running it on Kubernetes feels like an overkill and as soon as I saw Netlify with its simplistic interface I fell in love with it.

And now it’s time to say bye bye old way of syncing data to a vhost directory. Netlify is this blog’s new home.

There are lots of things that I like about Netlify. One of those things is definitely the free plans. I managed to deploy two separate apps for free. I don’t see many limits other than the dynamic content part which I don’t use anyway. I might try it in the future as there are some great things I can do with it.

My number one reason for turning to this service is its quick and easy configuration. With just few clicks I:

  • Configured the deployment from my git repo
  • Configured the domain I use and got the configuration for my DNS zone
  • Switched DNS service to Netlify for one of my apps so that they take care of it all.

I can even configure SSL just like that - fast and easy. In the busy world we live in today those little things that save you time are what matter the most. Quick is the new sexy.