Since I started to code I wanted to test my skills against some coding challenges. I tried a bunch of platforms early on but my skills were no match for the tasks so I decided to come back when I build up some knowledge. Today I stumbled upon Codewars which is great way to have some fun while coding. I made an account and during the account creation process I had my first small challenge in order to register. I managed to hit on 2 more challenges successfully and I can really appreciate the effort the founders put in this system.

It’s fun and collaborative. I can see the solutions from others and vote for them and soon enough I was thinking about better ways of coding. I saw smart tricks and clever designs which made me smile and boosted my own motivation to hold my own against more difficult scenarios. Here’s my profile so far:

The nice thing here is that I can run tests against my code. I can constantly see what I should achieve in free text format but also via the tests. It’s the perfect task having both definition of done and definition of ready prepared for me. That’s a dream come true for every developer when starting on a new feature or bug fix.

There’s also a small social system powered by Discourse. That’s an open source forum platform that’s been gaining popularity lately.

I hope you can enjoy Codewars too and if you join the platform feel free to ping me. Maybe we can take on something together! :)